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We discuss the controversy over FINAL CUT PRO X, take a look at awesome utility for 3D and a possible Flash replacement from Adobe called EDGE!



What’s up: 

  • Billy: Billy out of town

  • Trent:  Working on Echo Conference and figuring out FCPX

And this week we have Carl Larsen of Telescope Media Group who has worked in the church realm for a number of years.  Carl give us a little back ground.






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      1. Diorama Studios,

        I appreciate your assessment, but I think you misunderstood me– or I didn’t make my points well.

        I agree that FCP X looks a LOT like iMovie 9, but there are a lot of things that make it more like FCP than iMovie.

        I don’t think I said that we should all get used to the new FCP. My big point was that if it’s not interesting, we can always just stick with FCP 7 which we already like– or move to Premiere/Avid.

        And, yes, we are all afraid of change. That is why I haven’t moved to Premiere yet. It is why I had a hard time moving from Adobe CS3 to Adobe CS5, and from Compressor 2 to Compressor 3. If the features aren’t there, though, (and they may not ever be) I don’t think a change is necessary.

        Newcomers have no frame of reference so it won’t matter to them how much of a change there was from FCP7 to FCP X. That’s all there.

        FCP X is seriously dumbed down and certain comments from folks who have been around Apple in recent years have caused me to think that FCP X might never be the beefy Pro app that FCP 7 is. That makes me sad. However, there will be a great number of folks who will totally love FCP X.

        Cheers!! And thanks for listening to The ChurchSpin!!


        • Diorama Studios says:


          All True. I guess I just wanted to make the point to newcomers that that FCPX is not just a slightly different version of FCP7 that editors are just complaining about because its a little different. People like Carl are pointing out major issues for any serious editor or post house like no Photoshop layers support, only single sequence projects, and no color accurate previews. Those are big issues that a non-knowing newcomer might get the software and find out he is out of the game when trying to do professional projects on what he thought was professional software.

          Hopefully we will see Apple make a few updates soon and we can put all of this behind us! THANKS for your input.

      2. Trent, I think your assessment of FCPX is incorrect. You stated, and Im paraphrasing, that FCPX is “new” and “built from the ground up” which unfortunately is incorrect. As admitted by Apple, FCPX was built off of the iMovie platform and is even labeled as the next version of iMovie. The last version of iMovie was version 9, FCPX is now labeled as version 10, a jump from the last version of FCP of 7. Where did version 8 & 9 go?

        As I think a number of people have exhaustively pointed out, the way FCPX operates is almost identical to how iMovie works, so your claim that “this is something new, and we are all afraid of change” is quite misconceived. I only mean to point this out since I think it would be ill advised as Carl also pointed out for a newcomer to hear what you are saying and simply believe that there are only some slight changes to the workflow and all of these “old guys” need to just get used to it.

        Thank You guys for your podcast and informative discussion!

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