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FaithTools Blog - by - October 19, 2009 - 04:36 America/New_York - Be first to Comment!

Thanks to a good friend, I received a Google Wave invite.

I’ve been testing it just a little and it appears to be an odd mesh of chat/email/forum/web2.0. I think that, like Twitter, Google Wave will hit it’s stride once people are connecting with friends, colleagues and co-workers on the platform. 

Google has many plans to integrate a myriad of extensions into Wave. These tools will allow users to collaborate in an amazingly fluid manner. Take a look at Google’s video demonstration (when you have an extra 90 minutes)… it is rather amazing.

Much of what they show in the video demonstration are features that are currently unavailable. But the fact that Google has released Wave as an Open Source project should give a huge boost to the development process as coders around the world begin creating (and more importantly releasing) new applications for Wave.

Two ways I plan to implement Google Wave that may be of interest to my fellow Church Tech Geeks:

  1. Collaborating with members of the Church TD Roundtable Google Group. To start, if you are a Church Tech geek (like me), then join this group. It is a great resource for obvious reasons. The group has just begun to connect via Google Wave. The networking and “crowd sourcing” possibilities are very intriguing to say the least.


  2. Helping to create the FaithTools podcast episode show notes. It will come as no surprise, that I do not enjoy putting the show notes together – this is why it takes forever and a day for them to appear on the site after a new episode is posted (and that’s if they ever show up…). I have just found a Joomla Plug-in that will allow me to embed a Google Wave onto the site, thus all of the FaithTools pundits can type in there own show notes, links, etc. as we’re recording. The end result? Instant Show notes. Here is an example… 

    {googlewave srv=http://wave.google.com/wave/|id=googlewave.com!w+PoarHOQWG|width=90%|height=300px }

After playing around with the Joomla Plug-In for Google Wave, I’ve found that you have to actually be logged in to Wave to see the embedded content. One a Google Wave I found for the plug-in, I found this post from the plug-in’s developer on his website, “… Only users with a preview account can see your wave [at this moment]…” 

To be sure, Google Wave is still in its infancy. But as a skeptical, yet die-hard early-adopter… this one looks promising… maybe 

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