» FaithTools 29: Get Your Hands Off My Stainless Steel Sharpie

By - August 3, 2010 - 12:36 America/New_York

Van, Mike, Daniel, John David and Colin discuss new DVD copyright exceptions, inventory software, power cables and using Skype during a service.


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    1. Regarding Skype in service, I had a long distance baby dedication via skype last year. I had an assistant hold my macbook pro by the parents so the pastor could see the child (his grandchild, btw) and I had VNC running on both the laptop and our projector computer . Then I just dragged the skype window to the screen from the desktop. I think I just put a lav mic on the laptop for the sound. The latency on the video was not good but the audio was OK. It was a former pastor and the congregation didn’t know what was going to happen so it was a nice surprise to see him up on the screen.

    2. Matt Bowker says:

      There are many different programs AV companies use for inventory management. The two companies that I worked for used R2 and Intellievent. I can’t say that I’d recommend either one for a church. I wasn’t too thrilled with them when I had to work with them, and I believe they are fairly expensive.

      Intellievent –

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