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» Church Tech Weekly Episode 194: Giganto Jenga

By - April 29, 2014 - 12:43 America/New_York

Since Monday was our SoCal TD Meet Up at Planning Center Online, we gathered the group and talked about how to stay connected with our hearts during service, and why planning plays such a crucial role for us.


Theme song: 
But I Play One on TV (I’m Not a Fuzoid) by Norm Stockton from his Tea in the Typhoon album.

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    1. Chris says:

      Thank you for responding Mike.
      I’m glad to hear there are more podcasts, I just recently found your podcast and went back and download it from episode one and I’m working my way through all of the podcasts on the tech arts network(currently just crossed over into 2007, but I’ll catch up soon). When I saw the last post on the website being this last April I was very concerned that I was going to hit a point where I was no longer getting the cool and helpful information that I’ve been getting from your podcasts.
      I am the volunteer media guy for my church, and recently made the rookie mistake of showing up at a “ministry interest meeting” and was summarily named head of media. That was just after the worship pastor who was responsible for all the media had resigned. I got the title (with absolutely no authority) because I was the youngest (at 47) and most technically savvy person at the meeting. That basically means that I was the one that had the most current cell phone, which happened to be an iPhone 4. Most of the rest of the people at the meeting which was comprised of a couple deacons a couple elders and other people suckered in like me, don’t even know how to use cell phones and if they have cell phones don’t even know how to text.
      So every Sunday I show up play with knobs and sliders and fish the microphone wire down the pastors shirt, and pray that nothing blows up. So from a guy who is learning it as trial by fire, thank you for your podcast not only tech arts but church spin, TD profiles and faith tools and thank you that there is a group of guys out there willing to share their knowledge and experiences that encourages a guy like me to keep showing up week by week and deal with the grumpy 70-year-old people who think it’s too loud too dark and too flashy. I’ll eventually figure out the sound board, rats nest of wires and get them to upgrade from 2 year old PowerPoint to pro presenter 6.
      Twitter: @middleministry

    2. Chris says:

      Will there be any more podcasts?

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