» ChurchGrip Episode 18 – Gain Structure & System Levels

By - May 20, 2011 - 17:03 America/New_York

Been working on trying to improve the sound of the some of the rooms at Sugar Creek and that really started me thinking about how the level of the sound system can effect the way that you mix. In some cases it can effect the quality of the sound coming from the console.


Gear Used:

  • Reaper 3.76 Mac 64bit
  • Blue Snowball USB Mic
  • Shure SRH840 Headphones


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    1. Just stumbled across your podcast. BTW I agree with all that you said. Hate to hear that you’re leaving, however I’m sure that you will do extremely well in whatever you decide to do. Hope the SoundBridge rig has worked for you, would love to hear your thoughts since you’ve driven it for a while. I was also hoping to pick your brain and get some suggestions from you about the rig and tuning so I could better my rig at GH. Till next time…

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